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(today***Happy Halloween 2014- Halloween is being celebrated on 31st Oct 2014 (Friday). Halloween was pagan festival of Samhain (Dead). This is an international festival. People believed that the soul of Samhain come back to earth the night before this day. On this day the new is started. Halloween is north European festival. Now this festival is being celebrated in all over America, UK and USA. This shows the tradition of western culture.

Samhain stands for “Ends of summer”. From 1st November winter season started so all people welcome to this New Year with the great celebration. From this day length of days shortens and winter starts with the long nights. The evening before is known as Halloween or All Hallows Eve. This is the origin of American Halloween world.

This is one of celebration when all saints are honored in USA. Especially those saint who do not have their own single day. Halloween was also famous as Allhallowmas. Hallow stands for Holy person or Holy. All these saints are known as All Hallows Day in England.

What public Does on Halloween Day 2014?

On this day all saints are honored and all people welcome this day with lots of parties. Events are organized by the public to celebrate this day with lots of enthusiasm. This day is enjoyed by the public with their family, friends and relatives. They planned for picnics and parties. People go for movies, tours, weekend celebration with family members. Young boys and girls enjoys with their groups in parties.

Some people celebrate this day with poor people and give some donation. They donate clothes, foods, and other regular useful things. Many famous and rich people go for charity. They donate money in old homes, orphans homes etc. Companies and organizations also celebrate this day and enjoy the holiday. They collect money for charity and organize events.

Symbolize for Happy Halloween 2014

With any festival a lot of symbols associated with. Some of symbols are also associated with Halloween like ghosts, spooks and walking skeletons which represent the connection between physical world and spiritual world and relation between dead and living people.

People figures that on Halloween often represented are witches and wizards. They are seen to have the strength to connect with spirit world. Spiders, black cats and bats are sometimes connected with the Halloween holiday. Animals are associated with darkness and dark and deep nights and often accompany wizards and witches.

There are also a numbers of symbols associated with this day which may be gravestones, fire, blood, bones and skulls and pumpkins. These are having some relation with death and spiritual world. They are protecting from evil spirits.

Halloween is not government or official holiday. Public offices and companies, organizations usually open on this day as regular schedules. On this day people go to market and out of home to enjoy this day. They dress up with new and traditional dress and welcome this New Year. We are wishing you all Happy Halloween Day 2014. Enjoys and celebrate this day with your loved ones.

Happy Halloween 2014 Images

Happy Halloween 2014 Images

Happy Halloween 2014 Images

Happy Halloween 2014 Pictures

Happy Halloween 2014 Photos


Happy Halloween 2014 Quotes and Messages

The best part about Halloween is
that people think the screams
coming from our house are “part of the fun.”
I’m not cleaning this week.
I’m going to tell everyone the cobwebs and
dust are part of the Halloween decorations!
I love you dearly
but if you fall down
in the cemetery and something grabs you,
your on your own

Happy Halloween 2014 Messages And Greeting Messages

  • The idea of dying and
    coming back is what makes
    the Halloween films work.
    Donald Pleasence
  • Why did the vampires cancel the baseball game?
    Because they couldn’t find their bats.
    Happy Halloween ..
  • I love scary movies.
    I like blood and gore,
    and I love Halloween movies.
    Carrie Underwood

Happy Halloween 2014 SMS

  • Stir the fire till it lowe
    How like a queen comes forth the lonely Moon
    From the slow opening curtains of the clouds
    Walking in beauty to her midnight throne!
    ~George Croly
  • I was kind of a dark kid.
    I loved Halloween,
    and I loved vampires and
    the black and white old monster movies.
    – Joe Manganiello
  • If human beings had genuine courage,
    they’d wear their costumes
    every day of the year,
    not just on Halloween.
    – Doug Coupland

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Happy Halloween 2014

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