Before filling a cheque kindly remember these important things to avoid mistakes:


Write the correct date in cheque very carefully. This will be valid for a period of 3 months from the date you write.

2. Pay

Write the name of the person to whom you want to pay the amount. Never leave the vacant place in the beginning because it can be changed later if goes into some wrong hand. Always cut the ‘Holder or Bearer’. If you do not do so, then any person can take cash into your cheque.

3. Two lines are drawn on the cheque

If you cut the check in the name of a person and the organization, then do not forget to draw two lines on the left side of the check. This is to ensure that the amount is not transferred to the account by not giving cash. No person will get money in the wrong hands.

4. Rupees

Always written in words as much as the amount you have to pay and must add ‘only’. Write it in both numbers and words with no space.

5. Signature

After you complete the cheque, make a sign. You signed the same way at the time you opened the account. If the bank officer has a doubt on your sign then he can stop your cheque. At present, there are many banks that also take two signs behind the cheque.

Also, write your mobile number behind the cheque. If there is a problem or confusion, the bank can be easy to contact you. Do not overwrite. If there is a mistake in filling the cheque, then cancel that and re-fill the other new cheque. If a cheque gets damaged, then destroy it completely. Never put it in the garbage container.

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