State Bank of India (SBI), the largest bank in the public sector, has issued a warning to its nearly 17 crore debit cardholders.

SBI has asked its debit card holder not to share his mother’s surname with anyone. The reason for this is that when you reset the password of your debit card, the mother’s surname or your nickname came in the security question, so you should not share this name with anyone. This can be dangerous for you later.

Banks lose crores in fraud

In the financial year, banks had lost in crores in fraud cases. The Finance Ministry has given this information on the basis of the report of the Fraud Monitoring Committee of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

 Be alert with information technologies

When we drive on the road or simple walk, safely is included in our routine. Similarly, when you use computer technology, be alert. Safe use of information technologies should become an integral part of our life to keep ourselves safe from the bad face of cybercrime.

Create a strong password for internet banking

According to SBI if you have internet banking, keep the user ID and password confidential. Always maintain a solid password containing letters, digits and alphanumeric characters. Often people choose from simple passwords that make it easy to remember. But this increases the risk of hacking accounts. The reason for this is that simple passwords cyber crammers easily crack. Apart from this, change your password from time to time.

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