There is no such person in today’s age who is not active on social media. If you want, you can earn on social media in this hour. The Internet gives the opportunity to earn millions of people sitting at home. There is no need to invest anywhere else for this. Many companies provide freelance work. For this, there should be a computer/laptop and a fast internet connection.

There are top six fields on the Internet, where there are more opportunities for earning, they are:

Data Entry
Data Entry Online is the cheapest way to earn money online. If you have the basic knowledge of typing and computer, then there are many opportunities to earn money in this field.

Virtual Assistant
Virtual assistants work at home and manage the world’s business. Any Virtual Assistant can be able to respond to email, create PowerPoint Presentation, Excel Sheet, manage blogs and websites.

Many languages ​​are spoken in India and one person knows at least two to three languages. Therefore, there is always a demand for a translator in India. If you know Hindi and English or Tamil or any other language, then you will get the easy task of translation.

Web Developer
Web developers are few, who are master. Such people earn from one and a half to two lakhs by freelancing. They should have good knowledge of coding and website design.

Medical Transcript
Medical Transcript is the best option of Home from Work. In this, a person who transmits a thousand miles away from the doctor’s recorded medical dictation transcripts. If possible, do a course of medical transcripts.

Travel agents
From tours to tours, flights, train tickets, bus tickets, hotels are booked. There are many types of online travel agencies in India. To become a Travel Agent, it is important that you have your own website. People plan for a trip and search the online travel agent and you can be searched soon if you have a site.

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