If you have lost your PAN card or you want to get a duplicate PAN card then read the instructions given below.

You will first need your old and original PAN number to get a new PAN card. If you remember or note your old PAN number then excellent and If not, then don’t worry the income tax Pan Services Unit website can help you to find the number. Go to https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in

Here you have to click on the ‘Reprint your Pan Card’ then the same number will be generated for you. Here you will have to fill your first name, middle name, date of birth and mobile number.

After this, you will have an OTP (One-time Password)  number that you will fill in. After doing this, you will know your PAN number.

Once you have got PAN number, then you can apply for a duplicate PAN card. For this, you can submit either by submitting an online application or by visiting the nearest PAN card centre and applying the mandatory documents.

If your PAN Card is lost, stolen, damaged or broken by some reason, you can apply for a new PAN card also. The process of applying online to get a PAN card is very easy.

You have to go to https://www.onlineservices.nsdl.com. Then yet online application, you have to create your own ID. You must upload a copy of all your documents here. You will have to keep these necessary documents in order to apply for online PAN card, Proof of address, proof ID proof, birthdate, Digital Photo and Digital Signature.

Once the documents are uploaded, you will then have to enter the Aadhaar Number. After that, you have to verify it through OTP number. Now you have to pay online only for which you will have to pay around Rs. 105/110 only. After submitting the form you will get an acknowledgement receipt.

If people who are living outside the country apply online, they will have to pay around Rs. 1020.

Once the payment is made, your application will be reached to NSDL. You will also get a consolidation along with it. You can keep a copy of your print or secure it in your e-mail ID which you have registered.

As soon as your application and all documents are available to NSDL, the process of dispatch of your PAN will begin and you will get a PAN card within 15 days or two weeks.

You also can get updates about your PAN card. Just type NSDLPAN then SPACE then type your receipt acknowledgement number and send it to on 57575.

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