At the time of withdrawing money from the ATM, sometimes money is cut off from the account without cash. In such situations, many people reach the bank complaining about this matter, without any proof which does not help them get relief. RBI has created guidelines for this which you should know before taking a step.

If you do not get cash then immediately contact the bank

According to the RBI guidelines, whether you use your bank’s ATM or any other bank and do not get cash then contact the nearest branch of your bank. Call the customer care of the bank if the bank is closed or the day of the holiday. Here your complaint will be filed. The bank will get 1 week time for this.

Keep the transaction slip as a proof

To prove the failing transaction, you should always keep the transaction slip together. Transaction slip is important because it is printed on the ATM’s ID, location, time and response code from the bank. If the transaction slip does not come, you can take a bank statement. Make a written complaint in the branch and attach the photocopy of that transaction slip.

100 rupees worth of the money will not be found in a week.

According to the RBI guidelines, If the bank does not back your money then they will have to pay 100 rupees per day accordingly. the banks will have to return the money within a week. You can contact the ‘Banking Ombudsman’ after a week if the bank is not resolving the complaint.

The deducted money will come in 24 hours

If the customer withdraws money from his bank’s ATM and for some reason, the money is not withdrawn from the ATM, then wait 24 hours. Bank will credit the money in the account in one day on the mistake made on its behalf.

If the case has happened at another bank’s ATM, then one thing has to be taken into account that many times ATM machines do not get money but money is debited in the log book of the machine. If this happens, then you should take the loss because the second bank can refuse to pay the money.

Bank can check CCTV footage

Many times banks check CCTV cameras located in ATMs. If the footage is confirmed that the money has not been withdrawn, then the bank will refund the entire money, debited to you with the fine.

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