If a businessman or an institution makes a profit from GST by using wrong methods, you can file a complaint with the National Antiprofitification Authority (NAA).

The National Anti-Profiteering Authority (NAA) was formed for just two years only. After the launch of GST, it was implemented in July 2017. The purpose behind its formation was that no reduction or increase in the prices of products and services could lead to any damage to the customers due to the implementation of GST. Two years of this institution are going to be completed in July, but there is a possibility that the term of the institution can be extended for two years.

In order to ensure that the trader could not take advantage of the GST rules, the government has constituted this institution under the GST Act.

The responsibility of NAA is to protect the interests of the customers. The most important thing of this organization is to see that the GST Council is cutting the GST rates of goods and services, the benefit of which is to reach the customers. If the trader is reducing the prices of products and services after cutting the GST rate, the organization monitors it. If a trader does not cut the price of goods even after cutting GST rates, then the responsibility of the institution is to make the appropriate action on the trader.

Customers can register complaints against traders/sellers on the new helpline number 011-21400643.

Both online and offline options are available to file a complaint in NAA, just follow these three steps:

1>You have to register yourself by going to the NAA official site. You will have to answer the query given in the registration form. A mail will be sent to the registered e-mail ID to verify the details.

2>You can always log in using your registered mail-id and password. Here, you will get 4 options:

  1. Complete the report
  2. Complete Track
  3. Check History of Complaints
  4. Edit your profile

3>Now file a complaint. Here the user will be given a complaint form, in which the proof will be submitted along with filling the details. The evidence can be uploaded in .jpg, .pig, .doc, or .pdf format.

4>After the completion of the Complaint Process, the user will have a Complaint-id so that the Complaint will be tracked. For this, you have to log in with mail-id and password and from the given four options, click on the second option ‘track comment’. After this, you will have to write your Complaint ID and CAPTCHA on the page that will open. You will get the status of the Complaint once you submit it.

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