By opening your Sukanya prosperity account on your loving daughter’s name, you can earn an annual 8.1% interest on Savings. At present, it is an attractive interest in any government scheme.

If your daughter is 1 year old and you deposit 5,000 rupees every month for 14 years in “Sukanya prosperity scheme”, then the account will become a fund of Rs 25 lakh. You can extract that amount when the girl’s age is 21 years old. Under the scheme, any individual can invest a maximum of 14 years only.

How to become a fund of 25 million?

Let’s say that your daughter’s age is one year. Money can be deposited for only 14 years under this scheme. If you deposit 5,000 rupees every month for 14 years, then the current yearly 8.1% interest will amount to a total of Rs. 15.81 lakhs. You can keep this money in the account till the age of 21 years. That is, you can maintain 15.81 lakh rupees for the next 6 years in the account. You will get an interest of 8.1% per annum on this amount.
If the daughter is 21 years old, the account will be matched and the total amount in the account will be Rs 25.24 lakhs.

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