PAN card is an important document in your life. More than half of your work will stop at the present time without it. PAN stands for ‘Permanent Account Number’ which was not only used to pay taxes but in many panels. It is required for financial transactions, salary earnings and so on. It is used as an ID Proof also.

PAN Card number details

PAN card has a 10 digit number, which is the combination of letters and numbers. Every number and letter on the PAN card is written with a specific purpose and has the complete meaning which is describing below:

The first three digits

The first three digits of pan card numbers are letters of English which can be anything from A to Z. Letters and their order is determined by the income tax department.

The fourth letter

The fourth letter is the most unique and also an English letter. It shows that the card belongs to someone or a company. Here is the meaning of English alphabets:

P- Person (Single)



A-AOP (Association of Person)


H-HUI (Hindu Undivided Family)

B-BOI (Body of Individual)


J-Artificial Judicial Person


The fifth letter

The fifth letter of the pan card is the first letter of your surname.

From sixth to ninth

From sixth to ninth, points are numbered from the fifth digit to the ninth digit. These numbers can be anything from 0001 to 9999 whose series is going on in the income tax department when you are making your PAN card.

The last letter

The last letter of PAN card number is a letter, which is an alphabetic check digit.

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